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You are reading it right, we are accepting donations now:

It would be awesome if some people would donate something, as the rent for box0 and box2 is due in nov/december.
We will give an overview here of the donations, manually updated.
Donors:       6 (7 donations)
Sum:    €300,00
Goal:   €350,00
We currently have the following ca. expenses for WeChall:
  • - Box0 ( €100/y
  • - Box2 ( €120/y
  • - Box3 ( €100/y
  • - Domain costs €30/y
  • - Wishlist; A better server for www only. Tear mailserver and maybe some challs apart.

Hall of purchased Fame :)

  1. 3.Oct.2017 – "I challenge you to donate more than I did :)!" – ???
  2. 8.Nov.2017 – "When in doubt, .slap dloser" – ???
  3. 3.Dec.2017 – "I feel great to can contribute to this great project and know many people with same interests"spnow
  4. 8.Dec.2017 – "Awesome work guys - glad to be part of the community!"benito255

If you donate you can get an entry here. Just tell us what you would like to write on this wall.